Our services are based on three main commercial commodity:


2-Cotton Linters,

3-Cotton Combers.


1-Cotton :  We serve as both agent and principal on import and export of cotton. Our main export markets are India, Germany, Portugal, USA, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Korea, Bahrein, Bangladesh and China. According to demands and market conditions, time to time we also export to countries different than the above mentioned ones.

We have agency agreements with Louis Dreyfus Company, Suisse S.A. and Asia, Allenberg Cotton Co. USA,  Otto Stadtlander GMBH, Deutschland, Jess Smith and Sons Inc. USA, Violar S.A. and Madianos S.A. Greece, U B Cotton Pvt India, Egycot, Egypt, Faircot SA and CDI from Switzerland, Devcot SA ,France and Cam Negoce,France. We give service  as an agent through the above mentioned companies while importing all kinds of cotton into Türkiye.



2-Cotton Linters: Cotton linters is the name of the fibres left on the cottonseed after the process of ginning. It can be either saw gin or roller gin. There are many sectors who use this material as shown on the chart below:

Almost all cotton linters produced in Turkey is exported due to lack of industrial technology. Main buyers are from China, USA, Japan, Israel, Russia and Iran.

Cotton linters is the raw material of many sectors who use sellulose  but mainly the chemical industry.

We are the exporter of cotton linters since 1980s. During the past years, our markets changed from Usa and Israel to China.


3- Cotton Comber Noil: Internationally this material named as "comber" or "comber noil". This waste come out from ring spinning mills. At the ring spinning mills, the stages are on row as , openning and mixing, carding and combing.

At the combing stage , the process aim is eliminating dust (neps, leaves and short fibres) by using teeth through three processes of sliver machine. ribbon lap machine and comber, seperating long fibres from the shorter. These short fibres are seperated and gathered in different place.  These wastes are more clear when we compared to raw cotton. Combers pressed to either export to make money paper or to  use locally for spinning, to make cotton wool or to sell different cosmetics sectors. The short fibres are named combers.

We export pressed cotton combers to Germany and Italy. In addition to cotton comber , we recently begin to export "bleached cotton comber". This is mainly used at medical material production sector.